Embodies the perfect balance between comfort and versatility. Ideal for extended trips or leisurely cruises, this kayak provides ample storage space for all your gear, ensuring you’re well-equipped for any journey. Its innovative design not only offers excellent stability on calm waters but also enables you to tackle waves with confidence. The Commodore’s exceptional wave-handling capabilities allow you to explore coastal areas, venture into open waters, and enjoy the rhythm of the waves while maintaining maximum control and safety.


(skeg + rudder)

Kayak width58 cm
Kayak length508 cm
Cabin volume163 L
Front compartment volume90 L
Small compartment volume2 L
Daily compartment volume45 L
Rear compartment volume80 L
Front hatch size (diameter)44/26 cm
Small hatch size (diameter)15 cm
Daily hatch size (diameter)20 cm
Rear hatch size (oval)42/30 cm
Cockpit front height33 cm
Cockpit rear height23 cm
Total volume380 L